Increasing Business Intelligence Through Knowledge Aggregation and Exchange

Stathis Partners was formed based on the valued relationships we’ve developed in the bank and credit union investment and insurance services space. Our objective is to work with the executives in the channel we know and respect so that together we can leverage our combined experiences and connections to help those we work with achieve their business growth objectives. Please use the links above which describe ways in which we provide business intelligence to strengthen our clients’ leadership roles.

Podcast: Banks struggle to keep HNW clients – April 2017

Article: The inflection point and the fate of your business – March 2017

ArticleWhy wealthy clients don’t like investing through the bank – March 2017

Article: Achieving profitability in a fiduciary age by Scott Stathis – Oct 2016

Article: Your next awards trip will: A) not exist, or B) be at a Motel 6 – Oct 2016

Television Interview: Scott Stathis on the DoL Fiduciary Rule – Aug 2016

Language of Business Interview

We strive to be a catalyst for valued knowledge exchange which helps you meet your leadership objectives and our channel achieve its competitive potential.

  • We know the wealth management ecosystem – the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are facilitators who can help you find the fastest way to get to your firm’s vision of future success.
  • We are obsessed with business development. We all have aggressive business growth objectives. We want to be part of the team that helps you achieve them. Our objective is to provide serious multiples on your investment with us.
  • We know how to benchmark your program against your peers to identify your firm’s strengths as well as your valuable development opportunities. We will help you leverage your strengths and benefit from your development opportunities.
  • We generate more revenue for distributors by helping them solve multiple client needs. Success is ultimately all about number of needs served.
  • We help providers distribute more product by leveraging our connections in and knowledge of the financial services industry. We work with you to form partnerships, not vendor relationships.