June 2020 Month in Review

In this episode we are joined by Mike Miroballi and John Olerio who run the investment programs at Huntington Bank and Webster Bank respectively. In addition to discussing June’s sales trends, they also discuss their surprising July revenue surges, factors that are offsetting revenue declines being experienced by others, advisors that are rising to the top during the crisis, and initiatives that are helping them buoy sales.

2 thoughts on “June 2020 Month in Review

  1. Great information and Interesting discussion from 2 great program leaders. I would think that It would be beneficial to have a future discussion from those successful in effectively growing new business on how best to generating referrals and/or identifying new clients in this challenging Covid-19 and virtual business environment.

    Great Podcast Scott and Bob

  2. Frank, glad you liked the episode. Stay tuned for more! We did touch on new business development best-practices during COVID in the first episode of our other series, “Industry Leadership & Success”, and we will be doing a video cast on virtual meeting best-practices soon. However, your idea of focusing exclusively on generating referrals and new clients while working remotely is a good one!


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