Leadership Perspectives – Feb-March 2021

For this episode we are joined by Jane-Ellen Porter of People’s United, and Vance Richard of First Horizon. In addition to industry trends this episode dives into strategic issues such as centralized financial planning, employing insurance specialists, the importance of cross-departmental relationships, sales force tiering and nurturing book-based advisors.

A Look Ahead – Part Two

Part Two picks up the discussion right were we left off in Part One with Frank Consalo of Citi Personal Wealth Management, and Matt Griffin of Steward Concepts, a boutique financial institution affiliated firm. We discuss the need to attract more young talent to our industry, creating trust in advisor/client relationships, selling peace of mind, attracting all the client’s assets, and more.

A Look Ahead – Part One

In Part One of this special edition of BISA Industry TrendWatch titled “A Look Ahead – 2021 and Beyond”, not only will we cover the latest trends in the financial institutions channel but will we also look ahead through 2021 and beyond at the critical strategic initiatives that will drive the future success of our channel.

 For this discussion we are joined by Frank Consalo of Citi Personal Wealth Management, Sam Guerrieri of Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, and Matt Griffin of Steward Concepts. Matt is a high-end Managing Partner of a six-person team who exemplifies a model that may drive our future growth.

 This special episode is presented in two parts.

Month in Review – Oct/Nov 2020

In this episode we are joined by Angela Holiday of Frost Brokerage Services, Kevin McCarthy of Truist Wealth, and Josh Searcy of Independence Bank. In addition to the monthly trends, we will hear them discuss what has powered program success through this year of challenges, and critical 2021 strategic initiatives influenced by lessons learned during the pandemic.