Untangling FinTech

If you’re part of an executive team managing an investment program it is virtually impossible to keep up with the evolution of the technology offerings related to your business. The objective of this podcast series is to help you find clarity in the technology cacophony.

The “Untangling FinTech” podcast series is structured to provide executives the knowledge they need to make better strategic technology decisions and be more aware of the competitive impact of evolving technologies.

Subjects discussed in this podcast series include the following:

  • Defining “digital wealth management”
  • Creating a differentiated digital experience
  • Leveraging technology to attract and retain assets
  • Bringing transparency to the wealth management technology stack
  • Simplifying the advisor and client experience
  • Meeting increased client expectations
  • Increasing operational efficiencies and decreasing processing costs

This podcasts series will feature interviews with subject matter experts, fintech company executives, and financial service executives on the front lines of the digital wealth revolution.

These podcasts are published on all the major outlets (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart, etc.) and also posted here for your convenience. Please subscribe to our podcasts on your favorite platform and be sure to join us for future episodes.

Episode Listing

The Tech-Human Balancing Act

(This show launched over the summer of 2020. New shows will be added regularly.)